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Vector Christmas Icons set

  Vector Christmas Icons set
By: opengraphicdesign
Icons In Package: 6
License:Free for person use
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icons have become very useful for displaying some holiday spirit. Often times websites will have an icon, such as a stocking, a Santa hat, or falling snow to indicate holiday sales and promotions. When creating printed materials, like flyers, banner, invitations or greeting cards, icons can help bring out some color and seasonal emotion.

This icon set contains simple design elements which can be used in a variety of applications. The graphics can easily be modified and scaled to fit your needs. The graphics on this xmas vector pack includes round ornaments, Christmas tree, holiday candles, wrapped gift, candy cane, Santa Claus hat, snowflakes and bells. Along with the icons, some decorative elements are included such as ornaments, stars, snow and glossy spheres.

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