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Chalkwork iPhone & iPod Touch Mini-Set v1.3

  Chalkwork iPhone & iPod Touch Mini-Set v1.3
By: mezzoblue.com
Icons In Package: 29
License:Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License
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The Chalkwork iPhone & iPod Touch Mini-Set is a set of custom icons built specifically for the iPhone/iPod UI. Featuring base icons from the Chalkwork Familystylized to match the iPhone look and feel, each icon rests on top of a unique texture or photographic element. This set contains 29 icons to replace the iPhone/iPod default icons and selected third-party applications, and it’s available exclusively as transparent PNG files. A selection of Dock and Wallpaper images are also included.

Note: these icons are only installable on iPhone/iPod devices running firmware that has beenjailbroken. Luckily, that includes everything up to firmware version 2. Manual and SummerBoard install instructions are included within the ZIP file along with the icons. You can also view a preview of what these look like in place on Flickr.

Chalkwork iPhone and iPod Touch is available under a modified Chalkwork license.

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